Monday, August 14, 2017

Two Years Vegan

Sunday August 13th was my two year vega-versary! I feel like I have to say, "Wow I can't believe its already been two years", but honestly feels like I've been vegan forever. It's my normal. Sometimes I forget that I wasn't always vegan.

There are a few things that are hard about being vegan like milk being in A LOT of foods that don't need milk product, or being judged on getting no cheese on my veggie pizza... =) But really being vegan is awesome.

It's kind of crazy because I actually went vegan on a whim. Two years ago I was not feeling great and I wanted to eat healthier, so I tried the Whole 30 diet. Basically you can only eat fruits, vegetables, eggs, and meat for thirty days. I hated eggs and rarely at meat but on whole thirty to get enough calories in I had to eat them. I struggled that year with eating healthy off of the whole thirty. One night when I was writing a grocery list I thought, "I don't eat dairy anymore so if I eliminated meat and eggs, I can add grains and other things that aren't on whole thirty and do a vegan challenge then maybe vegetarian." I changed my grocery list to vegan only. It was going to be my next challenge, but I watched tons of videos and documentaries on being vegan. My week of "being vegan challenge" turned into a lifestyle change forever and I couldn't be happier!

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