Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Achieving Health and Fitness Goals

At the beginning of every month I make new goals for myself to motivate my workouts.
I was thinking of the ways that help me and thought it would be helpful to share, so here they are.

  • One of the biggest helps in achieving a goal is to just write it down. 
  • Another thing that helps is visualizing yourself accomplishing this goal. I also like to make vision boards (even if its just on Pinterest).
  • As for a workout motivator, no matter how eh it can feel, is to take a before picture. If you keep consistent in your workouts and healthy eating your body will change slowly over time. Since it is a slow change its hard to see if you don’t have that before photo. (You don’t have to share it with anyone, just keep it as a self motivator!) Also measuring yourself can help too!
  • If your goal is to eat healthier something that can help you is meal planning and meal prep. Set yourself up for success at the beginning of the week so you can’t fail!
  • If you do miss a workout or eat something not so great, don’t give up! It’s okay! That one or two missed workouts or sugary treat wont ruin everything. Everyone has bad days. Just keep going towards your goal the next day. 
  • Find someone or a group that can encourage you and support you through your journey!
  • One other thing is to track your progress, like how long you run/walk or how many pushups you do so you can see the improvement and also see all of the days you've been working hard!

My June Goals:
Run 50 miles
Yoga 2 times a week
Gym/strength train 3 times a week
More water
Eat clean 80/20 

What are your goals for the month?

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