Saturday, November 14, 2015

Wipeout While Running

This past Thursday I was running on the concrete sidewalk and have no idea how, but I tripped and skinned both knees. It was on a busy street, so I just got up and kept running until there wasn't a ton of people around. Haha. 
I really have no idea how I fell. I think I was way too zoned out and just tripped. It was like it was in slow motion and I almost thought I could catch my balance, but that didn't happen.
I am so glad I didn't hurt myself more than skinned, bruised, swollen knees. 

The hardest part about an injury or going something so stupid like tripping over (Im guessing) uneven sidewalk is first resting and second getting back out there. 

I'm so bored, but have to rest. Last night I was standing for just 20 minutes and my knee started to swell so bad. I had to elevate it and ice it. 

Hopefully I will be back to running soon!