Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Husband Is Upset That I'm Vegan

I've only been vegan for three weeks now and so far it's been great. I've only gone out to eat three times with my husband. Twice at PizzaRev and once at Chipotle. They are both fantastic for vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters. I told him that I am doing this for me and won't push it on him, especially because it is so new to me. Today, after being vegan for 3 weeks, my husband had a little freak out about how me being vegan is too extreme... not because of nutrients or health but because of convenience.

One of the funniest things he said is that I breath in dirty germ air so Im eating "animals" I couldn't help but laugh and told him I will try to stop breathing.

He said me being vegan affects him (I agree) and getting food won't be easy. He said it would be easy if we lived on a farm, but not in a city. I told him we live in Los Angeles, CA. It's an amazing place for a vegan. 

He said there are no quick meals. I said to eat a banana or mango or any other fruits/veggies we have. He said he does't want fruit or vegetables. So I said I can meal prep rice and potatoes and other things to make a quick meal. 

He asked me, "so if we were on the road and the only thing around for miles was a McDonalds, you wouldn't eat and you would starve?" I said that on a road trip I would be prepared. He said that if I had to choose McDonalds or starve... So I just said if we were in a situation where I had to eat McDonalds or die duh, I would eat something.

Him:The stuff on earth is meant to be eaten.
Me: It's disgusting. 
Him: So what, who cares?
Me: me.

He also said we need to make two different meals. for the first two weeks I was making meals (except for any meat he wanted... He usually cooked the meat and enjoys bbqing.) This week we both went to the grocery store, usually I have a list... he told me to just get whatever I felt like and he would get what he wanted... So thats what we did... So this week yes there has been separate meals, but I thought he wanted a week of fun whatever meals. Even when I wasn't vegan I would make a meal and give him all the meat most of the time.

I also told him that there are vegan recipes mimic anything and everything he or I could ever want. 

Update: (One month vegan tomorrow 9/9) A few days after him being angry, we had no food in the house.  He asked if I wanted to get food and where. I suggested VeggieGrill, an all vegan restaurant. He got a "chicken" burger and loved it. We also shared a carrot cake! Im glad that he is open to trying new foods. I get that its a big change and being able to talk openly about it really helps. I try to listen with an open mind and see it from his point of view. Im really happy that he's been supportive for the most part.

 I just thought the things he was saying to me were funny and wanted to share!

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