Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Whole30 Experience

So I wrote about how I felt about doing the whole30 challenge two weeks into it. I think my mind has changed a little since then. I will say that it is really hard, especially if you aren't use to eating clean. I haven't had soda in at least five years and I rarely eat fast food. When I started the Whole30 I was addicted to Starbucks and chocolate... I still love chocolate, but...

Being on the whole30 I never once craved either of those things. I mostly craved carbs. Being a runner, I felt I needed more carbs than I was getting on the whole30 and was kind of afraid of adding too many potatoes to my diet. Once I added them to my diet I started to feel more energy while working out and I was in an overall better mood.

 I am honestly surprised with my change of heart and outlook on this "diet" challenge. I really don't think I will stray too far from it. I still don't like eggs or meat that much but do eat a tiny bit each day. I really don't miss dairy... but I do miss grains (I'm a carb monster!!!). Maybe I will become vegetarian or vegan one day.

I lost about 10 pounds... I really didn't do this to lose weight, even though it's great that I am. I knew I needed something to help me get on track to eating healthier and feeling better. I don't even have a scale so I just weigh myself when I go to my parents house, so I don't know exactly how much I lost, but I do know I lost all my bloated-ness... which is wonderful!

The whole30 really is a challenge and you need to be prepared. You have to prep your meals and have them ready for when your hungry or on the go. I think this what was hardest for me. If there was nothing available that was whole30 approved I just didn't eat and it was killing me. So I had to be prepared and really worked on that the second half of the challenge.

I am thinking about doing another whole30 and posting all of my meals. I didn't really take that many pictures because, honestly, the food looks ugly. lol.

Im glad I did this challenge, even though it was seriously killing me in the beginning.
If you do it be prepared first, by looking up different meals and prepping them before you're hungry.
Also don't freak out if you accidentally... or on purpose eat something that isn't whole30, just keep going and try your best. I stopped freaking out about it and it made the experience so much better. I just thought of my first Whole30 as a "trial" Whole30 and it made me feel so much better.

Have you or would you do the Whole30 challenge?

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