Friday, March 13, 2015

2 Weeks Into My Whole30 Challenge

If you don't know what Whole30 is, they call it a "nutritional reset" by eating whole foods for 30...
The things you can eat on Whole30:
Vegetables, Fruits, Meats, Eggs, Sea Food, Potatoes, Tree Nuts, Seeds, and Healthy Fats.
The thing you can't eat on Whole 30:

I haven't been working out or eating right since the holidays. I really just felt like I needed something to help me eat better. I love challenging myself, so I decided why not.

I started on Thursday February 26th. The first few days were fine. Then, they say that the 4th and 5th day is when you feel like killing everything. I didn't think I felt that way, but some people were talking about Red Robbin and I said out loud that I wanted to punch them... okay. It's getting to me. Ahhh...

Around the sixth day I was so tired of meat and eggs. You eat a lot of meat and eggs on this. I never eat meat or eggs everyday. It's gross to me. I was over it, but just kept going. And sometimes didn't eat meat or eggs in a day.

Honestly I felt like I had no strength to workout and when I did I couldn't for very long. 

I think because I didn't want to cheat that I would go without eating when I didn't have any options. I wasn't eating enough. 

I went out a few times and figured out ways to make my meals be Whole30 approved, and may have cried when Chipotle was out of the only thing I could have there. 

I will be honest and say that I had a few Junior Mints when I went to a musical last week. I don't regret it and am not starting over because of it. (On their site it says if you cheat at all you need start over.)

I can see a difference in my body already and feel one, but also I feel tired and hungry because I need to eat more. They do have a vegan/vegetarian plan that includes beans. So maybe I will add beans in when I don't want meat.

I've added potatoes to my meals and it's made me feel a little better while working out and running.

Guacamole and sweet potatoes are my life right now. 

The only cravings I've had are blue berry muffins and a turkey sandwich from BJ's that is delicious, oh and soft pretzels... I guess I really like carbs.

I will continue and finish this 30 days, but I don't know if I could do this ever again. I love eating healthy, but not this restrictive.

Have you tried Paleo or Whole30?
How was it for you? Any tips or recipes would be great!