Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Look Back At 2014

Last year I posted a Bucket List and wrote down somethings I thought would be fun to do. I also had Fitness and Health goals for 2014.
I completed 3 out of 10 on the bucket list. There were many that involved spending money, which I had to save a lot more of this past year. I had a pretty tough 2014, which is why I didn't blog as much. We've stayed positive and had many great times as well. 
I learned how to knit!

I ran the color run with my husband and family! It was sooo much fun and I would love to do it every year!

I also donated my hair!

Other things that were on my list, that I didn't complete:

Read 12 books. I think I maybe read three or four books plus my school books. I had a lot more reading in my classes than I thought and wasn't motivated to read for fun after.
Go Camping, go to a drive in theater, take a cooking class, decorate my apartment, and go on a cruise.
I also want to be a volunteer at a marathon. Last year I waited too late and they didn't need anymore, so I need sign up earlier this year!
My fitness and health goals were more successful than my bucket list.
My goals were:
  • run at least two half marathons. I was only able to run one official half marathon race. It was my favorite race and so amazing!!! I wrote all about it here!

  • drink more water. Ive done really well with this. I haven't had soda in years, but I felt like I needed more water intake and it makes such a big difference!
  • Strength train. I did a lot more strength training and I could do 20 pushups without a break. 
  • hike more often. I didn't hike very much, but when I did it was great. I got to hike up in the San Bernardino mountains where there a beautiful waterfalls!

  • Try new healthy recipes. I've found a bunch of healthy recipes on Pinterest that I got to try this past year. Here is a great quinoa recipe.
  • Less sweets... lets just say.... Fail! haha. 
  • Try a new sport. I don't think I tried a new sport either. I need some ideas for this one!
  • Run a 5k without stopping. I was so proud of myself for accomplishing this one. I haven't ran more than a 5k without stopping, but I reached this goal. It is so challenging and rewarding.
  • Do a charity run and raise money. I did run a 5k for an organization, but didn't have a donation page.
Last year I didn't really feel comfortable with blogging my goals for the year, but I think I will this year. My next post will be about my goals I want to achieve this year and maybe a fun vision board!
Have you ever made a life or year vision board?

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