Saturday, November 14, 2015

Wipeout While Running

This past Thursday I was running on the concrete sidewalk and have no idea how, but I tripped and skinned both knees. It was on a busy street, so I just got up and kept running until there wasn't a ton of people around. Haha. 
I really have no idea how I fell. I think I was way too zoned out and just tripped. It was like it was in slow motion and I almost thought I could catch my balance, but that didn't happen.
I am so glad I didn't hurt myself more than skinned, bruised, swollen knees. 

The hardest part about an injury or going something so stupid like tripping over (Im guessing) uneven sidewalk is first resting and second getting back out there. 

I'm so bored, but have to rest. Last night I was standing for just 20 minutes and my knee started to swell so bad. I had to elevate it and ice it. 

Hopefully I will be back to running soon!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Husband Is Upset That I'm Vegan

I've only been vegan for three weeks now and so far it's been great. I've only gone out to eat three times with my husband. Twice at PizzaRev and once at Chipotle. They are both fantastic for vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters. I told him that I am doing this for me and won't push it on him, especially because it is so new to me. Today, after being vegan for 3 weeks, my husband had a little freak out about how me being vegan is too extreme... not because of nutrients or health but because of convenience.

One of the funniest things he said is that I breath in dirty germ air so Im eating "animals" I couldn't help but laugh and told him I will try to stop breathing.

He said me being vegan affects him (I agree) and getting food won't be easy. He said it would be easy if we lived on a farm, but not in a city. I told him we live in Los Angeles, CA. It's an amazing place for a vegan. 

He said there are no quick meals. I said to eat a banana or mango or any other fruits/veggies we have. He said he does't want fruit or vegetables. So I said I can meal prep rice and potatoes and other things to make a quick meal. 

He asked me, "so if we were on the road and the only thing around for miles was a McDonalds, you wouldn't eat and you would starve?" I said that on a road trip I would be prepared. He said that if I had to choose McDonalds or starve... So I just said if we were in a situation where I had to eat McDonalds or die duh, I would eat something.

Him:The stuff on earth is meant to be eaten.
Me: It's disgusting. 
Him: So what, who cares?
Me: me.

He also said we need to make two different meals. for the first two weeks I was making meals (except for any meat he wanted... He usually cooked the meat and enjoys bbqing.) This week we both went to the grocery store, usually I have a list... he told me to just get whatever I felt like and he would get what he wanted... So thats what we did... So this week yes there has been separate meals, but I thought he wanted a week of fun whatever meals. Even when I wasn't vegan I would make a meal and give him all the meat most of the time.

I also told him that there are vegan recipes mimic anything and everything he or I could ever want. 

Update: (One month vegan tomorrow 9/9) A few days after him being angry, we had no food in the house.  He asked if I wanted to get food and where. I suggested VeggieGrill, an all vegan restaurant. He got a "chicken" burger and loved it. We also shared a carrot cake! Im glad that he is open to trying new foods. I get that its a big change and being able to talk openly about it really helps. I try to listen with an open mind and see it from his point of view. Im really happy that he's been supportive for the most part.

 I just thought the things he was saying to me were funny and wanted to share!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Becoming Vegan

Life Update:

I have talked about my eating habits and how I've been more conscious of what I eat by doing the Whole30 challenge. (Eating only whole foods for 30 days... no dairy, processed foods, beans, rice... basically just fruits, vegetables, eggs, and meat.)

On the whole30 I ate a lot more meat and eggs than I ever have. My first two weeks of being on Whole 30 I was miserable because I wasn't getting enough carbs. I could barely run 1/2 mile without feeling weak and like I was going to pass out. I had to suck it up and eat eggs and meat. I got use to it, but didn't really enjoy it.

(Some people feel and do great on Whole30 or other eating styles like that. I wasn't happy and didn't feel great, so I wanted a change for me.)

I decided to try a vegan diet when I realized that I was use to not eating the animal products I actually liked (cheese and chocolate). All I had to do was eliminate meat and eggs. I was able to add grain, quinoa, oats, pasta, beans... I am so much happier eating this way and even happier that no animals are harmed in the making of my food.

I have been learning a lot these past almost three weeks and Im excited to continue learning. I went to Pizzarev and had vegan pizza with vegan cheese. The cheese tasted so real it kind of freaked me out. I went again and got it without cheese and liked it even better... Yes, I think pizza is better without cheese. Haha. They are really great at Pizzarev and respectful towards vegans/vegetarians and also have gluten free options. I've learned that there is a vegan option for everything you can think of, which is amazing. I will be sticking with mostly natural foods until I build up courage to try more vegan processed mock stuff.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Instagram Obsessed

I've been posting so much on Instagram. I'm currently doing a daily fitness challenge. #grinderglamchallenge It's actually been really motivating!
Here are some of my post from the past month or so:

I've noticed I like to take pictures of my feet... lol... There are many more...

I don't have many, but I really enjoy posting my outfits... Even if they aren't that fabulous.

Here are my most liked pictures of the month. I've been working really hard on my strength and flexibility. Yoga is my new love... 

What's your favorite social media site?
You should follow me... and let me know so I can follow you back... Join the grinder glam challenge!!!
My Instagram: @ginasagenda

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Whole30 Go To Meals

I have done one successful whole 30 in February-March and have tried to stick with it, but haven't done too well... Starting July 1 I have been successfully doing my second Whole 30. I wanted to post every meal I ate, but failed at taking pictures every time. I have my go to meals that I repeat all the time anyways, so here they are:

  1. Sweet Potato Hash with an egg.
  2. Egg Muffins with asparagus.
  3. Chicken Sausage, egg scramble, and sweet potato hash browns.
  4. Egg scramble with avocado and chicken sausage.
  5. Avocado eggs and spinach with little chicken sausages and cherries.
  6. An egg, little sausages, and cherries.
  1. Tuna with Pico de gallo and cucumber.
  2. Snap peas, baby carrots, and turkey.
  3. Tuna with avocado.
  4. Steak salad.
  5. Shrimp, avocado, pico de gallo, lime and a tiny bit of olive oil.
  1. Crock Pot Salsa Chicken. I have it with salad and guacamole.
  2. Salmon and asparagus.
  3. Chicken, asparagus, and red potatoes.
  4. Shredded chicken with bell peppers and onions.
  5. Salmon, asparagus, red potatoes.
Hopefully this gives you some ideas for whole30!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Whole30 Experience

So I wrote about how I felt about doing the whole30 challenge two weeks into it. I think my mind has changed a little since then. I will say that it is really hard, especially if you aren't use to eating clean. I haven't had soda in at least five years and I rarely eat fast food. When I started the Whole30 I was addicted to Starbucks and chocolate... I still love chocolate, but...

Being on the whole30 I never once craved either of those things. I mostly craved carbs. Being a runner, I felt I needed more carbs than I was getting on the whole30 and was kind of afraid of adding too many potatoes to my diet. Once I added them to my diet I started to feel more energy while working out and I was in an overall better mood.

 I am honestly surprised with my change of heart and outlook on this "diet" challenge. I really don't think I will stray too far from it. I still don't like eggs or meat that much but do eat a tiny bit each day. I really don't miss dairy... but I do miss grains (I'm a carb monster!!!). Maybe I will become vegetarian or vegan one day.

I lost about 10 pounds... I really didn't do this to lose weight, even though it's great that I am. I knew I needed something to help me get on track to eating healthier and feeling better. I don't even have a scale so I just weigh myself when I go to my parents house, so I don't know exactly how much I lost, but I do know I lost all my bloated-ness... which is wonderful!

The whole30 really is a challenge and you need to be prepared. You have to prep your meals and have them ready for when your hungry or on the go. I think this what was hardest for me. If there was nothing available that was whole30 approved I just didn't eat and it was killing me. So I had to be prepared and really worked on that the second half of the challenge.

I am thinking about doing another whole30 and posting all of my meals. I didn't really take that many pictures because, honestly, the food looks ugly. lol.

Im glad I did this challenge, even though it was seriously killing me in the beginning.
If you do it be prepared first, by looking up different meals and prepping them before you're hungry.
Also don't freak out if you accidentally... or on purpose eat something that isn't whole30, just keep going and try your best. I stopped freaking out about it and it made the experience so much better. I just thought of my first Whole30 as a "trial" Whole30 and it made me feel so much better.

Have you or would you do the Whole30 challenge?

Friday, March 13, 2015

2 Weeks Into My Whole30 Challenge

If you don't know what Whole30 is, they call it a "nutritional reset" by eating whole foods for 30...
The things you can eat on Whole30:
Vegetables, Fruits, Meats, Eggs, Sea Food, Potatoes, Tree Nuts, Seeds, and Healthy Fats.
The thing you can't eat on Whole 30:

I haven't been working out or eating right since the holidays. I really just felt like I needed something to help me eat better. I love challenging myself, so I decided why not.

I started on Thursday February 26th. The first few days were fine. Then, they say that the 4th and 5th day is when you feel like killing everything. I didn't think I felt that way, but some people were talking about Red Robbin and I said out loud that I wanted to punch them... okay. It's getting to me. Ahhh...

Around the sixth day I was so tired of meat and eggs. You eat a lot of meat and eggs on this. I never eat meat or eggs everyday. It's gross to me. I was over it, but just kept going. And sometimes didn't eat meat or eggs in a day.

Honestly I felt like I had no strength to workout and when I did I couldn't for very long. 

I think because I didn't want to cheat that I would go without eating when I didn't have any options. I wasn't eating enough. 

I went out a few times and figured out ways to make my meals be Whole30 approved, and may have cried when Chipotle was out of the only thing I could have there. 

I will be honest and say that I had a few Junior Mints when I went to a musical last week. I don't regret it and am not starting over because of it. (On their site it says if you cheat at all you need start over.)

I can see a difference in my body already and feel one, but also I feel tired and hungry because I need to eat more. They do have a vegan/vegetarian plan that includes beans. So maybe I will add beans in when I don't want meat.

I've added potatoes to my meals and it's made me feel a little better while working out and running.

Guacamole and sweet potatoes are my life right now. 

The only cravings I've had are blue berry muffins and a turkey sandwich from BJ's that is delicious, oh and soft pretzels... I guess I really like carbs.

I will continue and finish this 30 days, but I don't know if I could do this ever again. I love eating healthy, but not this restrictive.

Have you tried Paleo or Whole30?
How was it for you? Any tips or recipes would be great!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Healthy Valentine's Day Juice

Valentine's Day is full of yummy chocolate and tons of sugar!!
I want have something healthy, and also cute and festive. I usually have a green juice, but decided to add beets to give it a red Valentine color!

Beet. Cucumber. Apple. Carrot. Celery. I also squeezed fresh lemon juice.

I also used sprinkles to rim the glass and cute red and white striped straws!
I hope you try this heathy, delicious juice and have a happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Living Healthy Makes Me Happy

For the past few months I haven't been running/working out or eating very well.
Running gives me so much happiness and confidence that I forget about when I get lazy. I've been feeling very down lately and it's because my eating and workout habits have changed to me not even caring.

I have decided to share my journey of happiness through living healthy.
I feel so much better physically and mentally when I pay attention to what Im eating and getting in my workouts.

I've started juicing a lot more and eating healthier overall and running more. I feel like I have to be training for something or trying to beat a personal record to be motivated to run sometimes. So my new goal is to run a 10k with no walking breaks by the 10k race Im doing in April.
I've set a workout/run schedule that has been working well for me so far.

There is so much more to a healthy life style that I am trying out, like yoga and more natural things instead of medicines and house hold cleaners.
I hope to be able to continue on this journey, be inspired and inspire others to live happy and healthy.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trader Joe's Review

I got a Trader Joe's gift card for Christmas and decided to pick up some food to review!

  • Whole Grain Flax Bread. I didn't eat any of this, but my husband said he didn't like it that much because of the texture. It wasn't that bad he just likes other bread better. He rated it 3 out of 5.
  • Chile Spiced Mango. It's dried mango with chile. One of my Trader Joe's Favorites. Its sweet, spicy, and chewy! 5/5
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels. I was craving chocolate covered pretzels but I think they taste better with milk chocolate. 3/5
  • Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil. I like this way better than the microwaved popcorn that we've gotten before. It is salted. 4/5

Friday, January 16, 2015

My 2015 Goals and Vision Board

I have so many things I want to accomplish this year. I've written about 25 things down that I want to happen. I then categorized them into different groups. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Look Back At 2014

Last year I posted a Bucket List and wrote down somethings I thought would be fun to do. I also had Fitness and Health goals for 2014.
I completed 3 out of 10 on the bucket list. There were many that involved spending money, which I had to save a lot more of this past year. I had a pretty tough 2014, which is why I didn't blog as much. We've stayed positive and had many great times as well. 
I learned how to knit!

I ran the color run with my husband and family! It was sooo much fun and I would love to do it every year!

I also donated my hair!

Other things that were on my list, that I didn't complete: