Thursday, August 14, 2014

Runner's Favorites

My favorites for running:

  • Brooks Pure Flow Running Shoes. I love how light and flexible these are.
  • The Stick. Jon bought this at a race expo and it was wonderful after our half marathon. It helps loosen up the muscles!
  • Nike shorts. These have just been my favorite. I love the cut and that they aren't too short.
  • My arm band and iPhone (for music and Nike Running app). A must for me!
  • New Balance ear phones. They stay on great and have a life time warranty.
  • ironman sunglasses. These were the least expensive and nicest looking sunglasses at Sports Authority. They have rubber on the inside so they don't slide around. 
  • Bandaid Friction Block. I know they have special anti-chafing sticks, but this is easier to find and works just as well. For thighs that rub together, if your shoe rubs a part of your foot,... I also put it under my sports bra band... chafing hurts like a mofo, but with this you will be good to go!
  • Arnicare. I have sore knees... Probably from dance when I was younger. This helps it so much!
  • Osteo Bio Flex. I also take one of these every so often to help with my knees and this stuff is amazing!!!
What are your running/workout favorites?

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