Thursday, July 17, 2014

Waterfall Hiking Adventures

I have been slacking big time on my blog, but enjoying my summer... and getting use to my summer class and my husbands new job journey. This weekend I went to Forest Falls that is at the bottom of the Big Bear/ San Bernardino Mountains.
This was my first time going here. When we were driving through the winding roads a few firetrucks and an ambulance rushed passed us. When we got to the parking lot we could see the fire truck. After finding the first waterfall we saw the firemen carrying down a person a stretcher. There are no fenced off places that I saw but a few warning signs. The further up you go the more unstable and loose the rocks become. We stopped when the "trail" did. Most people kept going up climbing on the rocks.
Besides all of that, it's so peaceful and beautiful. We decided that we have to come back with a picnic.
Maybe next time I will film a video there!
My phone died so I didn't get to many pictures, but here are the pictures our time at the falls!

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