Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Outfit of the Day

I love outfit of the days/ideas. This month has been crazy busy and I thought showing a cute outfit a week would be something simple, easy, and fun!
I love wearing maxi skirts when it's hot. They are so comfy and really nice!
Sunglasses & Sandals:Target, Tank:Forever 21, Skirt:Love Culture, Purse: Michael Kors. 
Today I went shopping... maybe I will film a haul video! I also filmed a TMI tag that I was tagged to do by Courtney Gypsy & the City. I need to edit it!
It's weird that videos are easier than blog post... in my opinion.
Hope you're having a great week!

Friday, July 25, 2014

What a Week!

These past few weeks have been super draining, but my husband and I are trying to stay positive.
This week I have been back in forth to Pep Boys because a mechanic admittedly broke a part over two months ago. It has been such a fiasco and a really long story. I think my car is finally fixed!
I thought the sign "Hassle-Free" was funny. Poor hubby. 

We went to the LA Galaxy versus Manchester United at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. It was so much fun! The stadium was packed with excited and really nice people. The most shocking thing to me is when people are nice in where in the Los Angeles area. Im pretty sure no one was from here. haha.
Pasadena is a lovely city!

When we got home that night we saw that my bike was stolen from the parking garage. I had it locked up and I take the seat off of it to prevent theft. Grrr. Just saying... there was a bike right next to mine with a seat... rude!
 How was your week? Hope you have a great weekend!   

Monday, July 21, 2014

Simple Healthy Berry Smoothie

I wanted a simple easy smoothie after I run that didn't have milk/almond milk, so I came up with this.
Coconut water, frozen berries, and spinach. 
My family liked it better with pink guava coconut water... it also smells better than plain coconut water. I like it either way. 

You can add protein powders and any kind of fruit. I would recommend not using blackberries, unless you don't mind the seeds. My favorite fruits to use are blueberries, strawberries, mango, and pineapple!
What's your favorite "smoothie" or cool summer drink?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Waterfall Hiking Adventures

I have been slacking big time on my blog, but enjoying my summer... and getting use to my summer class and my husbands new job journey. This weekend I went to Forest Falls that is at the bottom of the Big Bear/ San Bernardino Mountains.
This was my first time going here. When we were driving through the winding roads a few firetrucks and an ambulance rushed passed us. When we got to the parking lot we could see the fire truck. After finding the first waterfall we saw the firemen carrying down a person a stretcher. There are no fenced off places that I saw but a few warning signs. The further up you go the more unstable and loose the rocks become. We stopped when the "trail" did. Most people kept going up climbing on the rocks.
Besides all of that, it's so peaceful and beautiful. We decided that we have to come back with a picnic.
Maybe next time I will film a video there!
My phone died so I didn't get to many pictures, but here are the pictures our time at the falls!