Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Monday Kings

Yesterday I went to the Los Angeles Kings victory parade. Hockey became my favorite sport a few years ago when I went to my first Kings game! It's even better when your team is good... and wins championships!
The parade was in Downtown LA/Staples Center, where they play. We got there a few hours early taking the metro... Last time (2012) the metro was insanely packed and had to go back one stop because of how crowded it was and we missed the parade. Getting there early this time was awesome. We had time to eat and look around and we got a front row view. There were literally hundreds of police officers with their "riot" gear ready (helmets and big batons. I don't know if that counts as riot gear) lining the streets. It was kind of cool to see.  It was really fun seeing the team and their families and showing support and love.
We made it back home in time to watch US vs. Ghana.
How was your Monday?

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