Thursday, May 8, 2014

Push-up For Beginners

I wanted to start a push-up challenge for my beginner self. Right now I can only do 5-6 pushups at a time. I am setting the challenge for 15 pushups in a row by May 31! I feel like the pushup challenge pictures that are on Pinterest are a little to much for me right now...

When I first started trying to do pushups, I really couldn't do one. I started out doing "girl" or modified pushups. I would do as many as I could everyday. Then after a few weeks I tried and succeeded with doing my first "real" pushup since I've been an adult. I just kept trying to do one more whenever I felt strong enough to do so. I also really like doing them in sets with other workouts. Like, 5 pushups 15 sit-ups, 30 second plank, 20 squats, repeat.

I feel like I was taking it easy on myself with building up being able to do a pushup. Now I want to challenge myself to do more this month!

Tips for beginners:

If you are looking to begin doing pushups try to do one... If that doesn't workout, do modified pushups. They really do help and make a difference. You will get stronger!

After a week or two of modified pushups, try doing a "real" pushup.

If you can get one keep going with it. Even if you can't don't give up. Do pushups everyday or every other day.

Listen and feel your body. You will be able to tell when you can do another one. Also push yourself a little to get stronger.

Doing the pushups (even if it's just one) in sets will help. Do a pushup rest for a few seconds do another until you can't anymore.

I am going to update on my pushup challenge at the beginning of next month. Hopefully I will get down my 15 pushups by May 31!

How many pushups can you do? Do you have any tips?

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