Friday, May 16, 2014

My Road Trip Essentials

Jon and I are talking about doing some fun things over the summer and one of them is a road trip! I was informed of RelayRides road trip campaign and was asked to share my road trip essentials. (Click here to find out more about RelayRides, a peer-to-peer sharing car rental service, great for a road trip!) *Not sponsored* I thought it would be fun to show you my road trip must haves before our trip!

  • Of course, I need my phone! I use it for navigation and music, as well as a camera and for social media!
  • My iPad. It has books, music, games, movies. I can also blog from it!
  • A notebook and pen to write things I want to remember for blogging. I also have a piece of paper sticking out that has places we want to visit on our road trip!
  • My camera! Mostly used for vlogging!
  • Sunglasses, incase it's sunny, especially here in Southern California! Also good to hide tired faces if you have to make a pitstop.
  • I always bring my Snuggie! Even if it's a weekend or overnight trip, it's with me. I love that thing.
  • The last thing I have is a snack... (besides water) my favorite thing right now is Chili Spiced Mango from Trader Joe's.
 I also think it will be fun to share a few of my favorite road trip memories!

My favorite vacations I've ever had were on a road trips! When I was younger my family and I traveled from California to Utah with our boat hitched to the back of our car. I saw bears and other wild life. Also crazy thunderstorms we don't get here! We spent some time at the beautiful Powell Lake.

Jon and I got to go on a bit of a road trip ourselves last summer. We traveled a little bit passed San Francisco and explore the city. Seeing and experiencing the differences between Southern and Northern California was so fun!
What are your road trip essentials? What's the best road trip you've ever been on?

Thank you RelayRides for asking me to be apart of your road trip campaign!

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