Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Belly Button Can Explode

I was thinking about what to post today and I remembered something I thought of as a little kid and thought I would share.
If you look at your belly button or inside it (if you have an innie), it kind of looks like the tie of a ballon. 
I have a birth mark on the inside of my bellybutton and didn't want it to be there, so I picked at it. Of course it didn't go away and it freaking hurt. That's when I released that it looked like the part of a ballon that holds it together. 
I was a very imaginative child, and that led my mind to wander into thinking that if I poked at my bellybutton it could come apart just like a balloon... guts everywhere!
Im glad I didn't want to pick at my little birth mark any more, but that is a super sick thing for a kid to think. Im like a writer of the Saw movies. 
I still don't like touching my bellybutton and I still think it looks or feels like a ballon tie and it creeps me out. Haha.
Now this made me think of something else... whenever I decide to get pregnant then my bellybutton is going to be stretched, like a lot!... and not be able to stand the presser and open. haha. Im a cray.
I always think of weird what if this/what if that... do you do that?

What's something funny/crazy you thought as a kid?

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