Monday, May 26, 2014

My 2014 Bucket List & Goals Update!

I had 10 things on my bucket list for 2014:
(I've completed 3 and am working on 1.)
1. Learn to knit! I have learned to knit and made a littler circle scarf and I'm working on my second scarf!

2. Read at least 12 books. I've read 4 books this year. Currently I am reading 1 novel. 2 blog books. and 2 inspiration/motivational books. I think Im doing pretty well with this goal!
3. Do the Color Run! 

4. Go Camping. Hoping to go sometime this summer!
5. Go to a drive in theater. Also hope to go some time this summer!
6. If my hair is long enough donate it! Ah, I've never been attached to my hair and right now I am liking my long hair. maybe at the end of the year I will be over my long hair!
7. Take a cooking class. I've found a baking class that I want to take soon!
8. Volunteer at a marathon race. I need to find one!!!
9. Decorate my apartment. This picture shows a tray I got from Target. I've also hung up things and organized the way I like it!

10. Go on a cruise. We will have to wait and see about this one!

My Fitness and Health Goals Update:

1. Run at least two 1/2 marathons. Im not sure if I will be able to fulfill this one. Unless I do two near the end of the year. Im going to try though! There is one I want to do. I need to find another one!
2. Drink more water. I have been doing pretty well with this. I rarely drink anything else. I always feel like I could drink more though!
3. Strength train. I have been getting serious about my upper body strength. Im having a ton of fun strength training!
4. Hike more often. Boo, I haven't been hiking very often, maybe twice this year. I need to go more!
5. Try new healthy recipes. I've tried a few. I still need to get a crockpot. Dang it. I should have asked for that for my birthday. LOL.
6. Less sweets. I have to be honest and say...Fail! I love chocolate!!! Help me!!! lol.
7. Try a new sport. I haven't tried a new sport, but I found an archery range that I think would be fun to try!
8. Run a 5k without walking break. I totally did this and I am so excited about it!
9. Do a charity run and raise money. I ran the Victory for Victims Race that is for Center for Assault Treatment Services in Northridge.

I just wanted to look back at what I had as my goals and fun things I wanted to do this year. 
I also set actual goals, but I didn't share them on here. One big thing I wanted to do this year was get into a university and go back to school and I am starting this summer, then full time in the fall. Im excited!

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