Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Motivation

I have been slacking so much lately. I have been overwhelmed and had a lot going on. I finally feel good and have many posts lined up and many more ideas. I love blogging, but I'm glad I gave myself time to be away from the internet.

I am trying to organize and design my blog to look the way I want. Also to have awesome/inspiring/pretty/happy posts up regularly. I want to hopefully have my blog the way I want it by Next Monday! My brother is going to take some pictures for me and help me out a bit. Im excited and haven't felt like this about blogging since I started.

I know I can't stick with one topic so I want to write about what makes me happy, so Im officially sticking with wellness/happiness...My Adventures, So Cal, Healthy Recipes, Positivity, Fitness, and Girly are posts that I will be happy and excited to write about.

I also am sticking with a schedule of posting Monday-Thursday and doing YouTube Mondays and Wednesdays. Sometimes the videos will relate to posts and other times they will be on their own. I enjoy doing both YouTube and blogging, so I set up a realistic goal!

Can't wait to start back up Monday and hope you will come back and see my new stuff!
& May is my birthday month, so yay!

What are your plans in May?

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