Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Look At My Desk

I have been wanting to change up my desk area for a while now. I like to write out most of my posts before I type them up and wanted it to be at my desk near my computer. I am excited that I finally got the transformation started!...

For a while my desk, that I share with my husband, wasn't as functional as I would like it.
The computer was taking up all of the room. Moving it over has made such a big difference.


I also had room to add a cork board for inspiration and pictures. I might make it a "mood board" for my blog! I also found a cute pen holder at Target for a $1!
Having a candle on my desk makes it smell nice and is relaxing.
I also have some books on blogging I recently picked up and a picture of my husband and me in San Francisco.
Now I have room to write and place for inspiration!

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