Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Working Out at Universal Studios

Before I start on the working out, I want to let you know that there might be a lot of Universal post until the end of April. I have figured out a schedule that works for me and I want a "theme" each month. Since there are only two-ish more weeks of April I decided to post about my Universal favorites. Then in May I will start posting more diverse content that still relates to So Cal travel… just not one spot all month!…

I've been to Universal Studios a billion times and have never used the stairs to the Lower Lot. If you've never been to Universal Studios in Hollywood, the park is on two levels that are connected by four sets of escalators... or if you're crazy stairs AKA The Universal Stairway. 

I live really close to Universal and have a pass with parking, so really I can come here whenever. I decided to change up my workout and go to the park. Going down the stairway isn't bad at all, but OMG on the way up my quads were burning and tightening up. The good thing is there are sets of stairs, so you can get on an escalator if you're tired or have a chance to stretch/rest before the next set. 

I don't recommend doing the stairs as a "work out" on busy days thought. There are a ton of kids and people on the "wrong" side and not really paying attention. The non-busy day that I went was perfect and there wasn't really anyone on the stairs!

I started trying to get in shape/ be more active last year with walking/running at a near by park. Whenever I can get a workout in that isn't inside is a good day. I always want to do stairs, but there are no places around me with them. I am glad I have these stairs to burn my quads with. 

Would you try the stairway?

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