Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Closet Organization

This month Im posting what's in my... Spring Cleaning Edition. Really it's just help push me clean up my apartment.
You know how some women get a big portion of the closet and their husbands get a teeny bit... my husband seriously has more clothes than me. Mostly sports jerseys and military wear, but still. And I have our hoodie on my side too most of them are Jon's... anyways here is a before and after of my closet.

For the most part I kept it the same, but I did reverse my dresses then tank tops to long sleeves because I thought it would stay warm in Los Angeles but it's actually kind of "cold."
I also have a few more shoes in our shoe box by the front door.

I have my travel and hoodies on my top shelf. 
I keep my workout/running clothes in the hanging drawers. 
I also have t-shirts and my pants folded in there too. 
I got a few huggable hangers for Christmas that I haven't used until now and I love them. I need to get more for the rest of my clothes. It really does give more room and looks a lot neater!

Last Weeks What's in my Toiletries Bag.

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