Monday, April 7, 2014

10 Things I Love About Blogging

Linking up with Brianna from Endlessly Beloved with 10 Favorite Things About Blogging:

1. Bloggers. There are so many amazing bloggers.
2. A place to put my thoughts or experiences.
3. The support from others.
4. It's a creative outlet.
5. Inspiration and motivation from others and myself.
6. Opportunities. I went to my first blog conference with help from another blogger.There are so many things I wouldn't know about or get to do if I didn't have a blog.
7. Writing is something I love... and a big part of blogging.
8. It's mine and I can do/write anything I want with it.
9. Sharing and learning new things.
10. I have to say other bloggers again. The people I have "met" online through blogging and some I met IRL at the blog conference have been so amazing and supportive. I never knew how big, but awesome bloggers were! I am so glad to be one!

What are ten things you love about blogging? Link-up:

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