Thursday, April 24, 2014

Best Universal Studios Food

I never eat in Universal Studios (unless it's in the VIP room during Halloween... just saying). The food there is like ever other theme park and not that great, except for the International Cafe. They have sandwiches and ready made salads that are pretty good and healthier than other park options. They also have pastries and coffee (that you can have bailey's added)...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Universal City Walk

My husband and I have lots of date nights here at Universal. There are many restaurants, shopping, and fun things to experience!

*Sparky's Donuts. Fresh mini donuts with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on them! 
*Wasabi Sushi. Amazing quality and atmosphere!
*Things From Another World is a comic book type of store that they don't have in very many places... I looked it up and there are a ton in Oregon and this one in California.
*I love the movies even though they are kind of expensive here...
*They have free live music most weekend nights.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Working Out at Universal Studios

Before I start on the working out, I want to let you know that there might be a lot of Universal post until the end of April. I have figured out a schedule that works for me and I want a "theme" each month. Since there are only two-ish more weeks of April I decided to post about my Universal favorites. Then in May I will start posting more diverse content that still relates to So Cal travel… just not one spot all month!…

I've been to Universal Studios a billion times and have never used the stairs to the Lower Lot. If you've never been to Universal Studios in Hollywood, the park is on two levels that are connected by four sets of escalators... or if you're crazy stairs AKA The Universal Stairway. 

I live really close to Universal and have a pass with parking, so really I can come here whenever. I decided to change up my workout and go to the park. Going down the stairway isn't bad at all, but OMG on the way up my quads were burning and tightening up. The good thing is there are sets of stairs, so you can get on an escalator if you're tired or have a chance to stretch/rest before the next set. 

I don't recommend doing the stairs as a "work out" on busy days thought. There are a ton of kids and people on the "wrong" side and not really paying attention. The non-busy day that I went was perfect and there wasn't really anyone on the stairs!

I started trying to get in shape/ be more active last year with walking/running at a near by park. Whenever I can get a workout in that isn't inside is a good day. I always want to do stairs, but there are no places around me with them. I am glad I have these stairs to burn my quads with. 

Would you try the stairway?

Monday, April 14, 2014

My First 5k Race of 2014

This weekend I participated in my first 5k race of the year. It was the Victory for Victims walk/run. Proceeds went to the Northridge Hospitals Center for Assault Treatment Services. I ran the 5k last year too.

Before the race there is a warmup lead by a few of the laker girls.
There were so many booths of sponsors set up with freebies and information. I got a ton a free food as well.

I ran almost the whole time. In a few of the spots it gets narrow so you have to walk, but I was there just to enjoy the run and have a good time. It wasn't my fastest 5k ever, but it was my fastest in 2014. I think my time was 34:48.

This is one of my favorite races and will continue to sign up every year. It helps such an amazing cause and it gets the community together.

It's so inspiring to see so many people come out for a cause and show there support by doing something active. I can't wait to run more races this year. I am looking for a fun 1/2 marathon to run!

Monday, April 7, 2014

10 Things I Love About Blogging

Linking up with Brianna from Endlessly Beloved with 10 Favorite Things About Blogging:

1. Bloggers. There are so many amazing bloggers.
2. A place to put my thoughts or experiences.
3. The support from others.
4. It's a creative outlet.
5. Inspiration and motivation from others and myself.
6. Opportunities. I went to my first blog conference with help from another blogger.There are so many things I wouldn't know about or get to do if I didn't have a blog.
7. Writing is something I love... and a big part of blogging.
8. It's mine and I can do/write anything I want with it.
9. Sharing and learning new things.
10. I have to say other bloggers again. The people I have "met" online through blogging and some I met IRL at the blog conference have been so amazing and supportive. I never knew how big, but awesome bloggers were! I am so glad to be one!

What are ten things you love about blogging? Link-up:

Thursday, April 3, 2014

32 Things That Make Me Happy

I'm joining in on Erin's and Sarah's link-up of 32 things that make you happy! So here it goes.... The first 32 things that come to mind that make me happy are:

1. My hubby 
2. My family 
3. Disneyland
4. Chocolate 
5. Food 
6. Puppies 
7. Traveling
8. Running 
9. Shopping 
10. Glitter 
11. Books 
12. Musicals 
13. Dancing 
14. Singing... even if Im horrible. lol 
15. The Beach 
16. Summer 
17. New York 
18. Cupcakes 
19. Flowers 
20. Baking 
21. Christmas 
22. Make Up 
23. Curly Hair 
24. Making people laugh. 
25. The Sunshine 
26. Picnics 
27. Baths 
28. Green Bay 
29. Writing 
30. YouTube 
31. Blogging 
32. Pretty Outfits

What makes you happy?

Venus Trapped in Mars

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Closet Organization

This month Im posting what's in my... Spring Cleaning Edition. Really it's just help push me clean up my apartment.
You know how some women get a big portion of the closet and their husbands get a teeny bit... my husband seriously has more clothes than me. Mostly sports jerseys and military wear, but still. And I have our hoodie on my side too most of them are Jon's... anyways here is a before and after of my closet.

For the most part I kept it the same, but I did reverse my dresses then tank tops to long sleeves because I thought it would stay warm in Los Angeles but it's actually kind of "cold."
I also have a few more shoes in our shoe box by the front door.

I have my travel and hoodies on my top shelf. 
I keep my workout/running clothes in the hanging drawers. 
I also have t-shirts and my pants folded in there too. 
I got a few huggable hangers for Christmas that I haven't used until now and I love them. I need to get more for the rest of my clothes. It really does give more room and looks a lot neater!

Last Weeks What's in my Toiletries Bag.