Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What's In My Purse

I've decided to start a series of what's in my... every Wednesday. I love what's in my purse, gym bag, fridge posts and I think many others do too!

I am super spoiled and my husband surprised me with this last year for my birthday. I love this bag. It is huge and can hold so much.

I have two purses that I use all the time. This one is the one I use when I know Im going to be out all day and need a lot of room for stuff. I use a smaller cross body one when I'm running to the grocery store or somewhere where a small bag is better.

I stayed at my families house this weekend and haven't cleaned it out, so this is everything that was in there from this weekend.

Hair clip, gum, pen, glasses, lip balm, keys with princess key chain and pepper spray... because every princess in LA in pepper spray. Haha. wallet, mail, socks, Universal Passes. I love the fold-up reusable bag my dad gave me. Here they charge for bags now at least at the grocery stores so it's good to have one with me... or when Im traveling just in case I need another bag.

Here is what's in the pouch. Tissues, pens, blotting paper, perfume, more lip stuff, lotion, hand sanitizer, Motrin, tampons, hair ties, bobby pins, and a mirror.

I also used it as my carry on bag when I went to the MidWest this past year (What's in my carry-on). It's great for travel.

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