Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekend Wine Tasting

This weekend I was in Temecula at the Miramonte Winery. I had a Groupon Gift from a family member that I used. With the Groupon we got a bottle of wine and 2 wine glasses. My parents got the same gift and my brother went as well.

I'd never been to a winery before, none of us had actually. The building was one big room with a big bar and seating outside. There were people gathered around the bar and no one really helping or greeting people coming in. We were a little confused on what to do but we just went up to the bar... that's what your supose to do. lol.

They were really nice and helpful once we got up to the bar. They gave us a wine card and we could pick 3 wines to taste. It was one at a time and you had to get up and go back to the bar each time to get your next drink. We tried three different wines. The first one was Roussanne my mom and I didn't like it, but the guys did. Next we had the sangria and it was really good. The last one was the pinot grigio. This one was good as well, but honestly I don't know if I liked it because of the taste or because it was my third glass! Haha. The pinot grigio is the one we decided to get a bottle of.

They don't serve food during the week. We went on a Friday so no food for us. On the weekend they have cheese boards. I did get some oyster crackers though!... None of us ate anything all day before the wine tasting.

The only thing I would change would be food. Cheese and crackers or chocolate would be nice and to have all of the wine set up at our table. I guess thats just what I pictured in my head so it was a bit weird that it was different, but...

We had a lot of fun. The view was nice and the wine tasting experience was really cool. I told my parents to move to Temecula so I could come visit and go to the different wineries every month. I already want to go to different ones. Im thinking of doing a wine tour for my birthday!

Pictures by: David Instagram

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