Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sh*t Men Say

From this link up I have learned that I ignore and forget every stupid thing... except for when it come to food. Haha.
Right after the last Sh*t Men Say link-up my husband and I were on a run and talking about dinner. We decided on sushi. I told him I wanted a roll with brown rice. He said," do they even make that?... No I know there's brown rice, but they make sushi with it? Yuck."
I thought it was funny and I got my brown rice sushi! 

Link up:

Voyage of the Mee Mee


  1. Too funny! This makes me want sushi now lol!

  2. Bahahah! Brown rice sushi?! What will they come up with next?!

  3. Never heard of brown rice sushi? Going to have to try it! Now I really want some sushi!

  4. I've never heard of this linkup before seeing it on your blog - how hilarious! My husband just started a tumblr called "her words not mine" because apparently I say funny things occasionally... who knew?