Monday, February 17, 2014

Love Story: Las Vegas Wedding

Every Monday in February I am writing a little bit about our love story. I've written about how we met and our Disneyland proposal.

Jon and I wanted a small wedding. I wanted it to be somewhere fun and laid back. We were thinking of having it at Disneyland or Disney World, but in the end decided to go with Las Vegas.

We were able to make a trip out there before our wedding and checked out the venue, did cake tasting, filled out papers for a marriage license, and got information on different restaurants for our reception. I loved all of the different options that Vegas has to offer.

We had our ceremony at Caesars Palace Venus Garden and our reception at Max Brenner's Restaurant and we got our cake from Freed's Bakery. I didn't have to do anything and I loved it! I emailed coordinators at Caesar's and Max Brenner's with what I wanted and they did everything and it was exactly the way I thought it would be on my wedding day.

I rode out with my family and Jon with his the day before the wedding. I have no idea what he did, but I had a great time. My family and friends met up at Serendipity 3 for dinner. It was so much fun to catch up with everyone. We just hung out. It was hard for me to sleep.

(One thing I didn't like is that they told me that the only time available was at 11:30am. In Vegas that's super early. Then after the ceremony they told me to take my time because there was no one else there for the rest of the day. Rude.)

At Caesar's they had a room for me to get dressed in. It was nice and big with cold water for us. They also gave water out to my guests. It was so hot. (That was another thing. The day before the wedding it was raining and cold and I was nervous that we wouldn't get to be married outside. For some reason I really wanted that.) Well wedding day it was hot like 90 at 11am. The ceremony was really quick and really nice. I loved the garden area.

With the package we had a photographer. We took pictures for about 30 minutes, then went to check into our room at Caesar's. It was so much fun walking around Caesar's and the Forum Shops in a wedding dress.

Then we met our guests at Max Brenner's for the reception. We had about 40 people at our wedding and got a private room on the second level. This restaurant was absolutely amazing! Honestly I chose it because it had the most food for the least amount of money, but it was perfect. Every time we're in Vegas we go back.

My cake was delivered from Freed's Bakery a bit off of the strip. They were so awesome. They have a separate room at the bakery for cake tasting and coming up with a cake. This cake was expensive but totally worth it. I wanted the cake to be fun since we had a pretty normal ceremony and reception (no Elvis). We went with a pink and white cake with music notes and guitars.

Our room at Caesar's was huge and awesome! It came with the package we picked. The rest of the night we hung out with family and friends on Fremont Street.

The next day we flew out to Disney World for our amazing honey moon. The food and wine festival at Epcot is awesome!


  1. Nice! I always thought it be super fun to have a wedding in Vegas! Love the cake!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the idea of a Vegas wedding! Pete and I have discussed it as an option for ourselves actually! :)

    1. It was amazing. Super easy, laid back, and stress free. I would totally recommend it!

  3. I'd love to get married in Las Vegas :) I don't want the stress of a home wedding, really and your day sounded perfect! <3

    The Thrifty Firecracker

  4. Your cake looks so cute and different than the norm, I love it! It sure sounds like you had a fun wedding day!