Saturday, February 15, 2014

Game Night Favorites

Nights in are my favorite. Second best to a movie night is Game Night!!! There are a few games that are my favorites.

(Dad wanted to be in the picture too! haha!)
Head Banz. Where you wear a head band with a person, place, or thing on it and you have to guess what you are by asking yes or no questions!

Apples to Apples. One person gets a card with a description and everyone else has 6-8 cards (I forget) with famous people, things, places. Everyone puts a card (facedown) that they think best fits the one description card and the one person picks.

My newest favorite game is Heads Up by Ellen. You can download it on your iPad (I also saw it at Target as a board game!). There are teams and the iPad records you which is the best part and you can send it in to Ellen. I was playing this game with my family on Christmas Eve... in this video if you want to watch haha.
Game starts around 3min.

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  1. Your video is so cute! Cracking me up with the game! I'm going to have to try that one! I love Apples to Apples!

  2. Oh man I like a good game night too! :)
    For VDay yesterday I went to a friend of a friends' house and we played Cards Against Humanity haha hadn't played it before but HAD played Apples to Apples which is an awesome game!! Uno's a classic too - a good one for sure :)
    Haven't tried that Heads Up game though - my mom just got an iPad tho so maybe I'll download it on there as a surprise haha good suggestion!

    Cachoo Joo

  3. We're obsessed with game nights over here - I've been trying to get started on a weekly game night game review because we have SO MANY games!! Head Banz is a super fun one :-)

  4. I love game nights.. but with my family it's waaaayyy to competitive, then it turns to no fun.. lol..
    I love playing the Heads Up game, and seeing the video after.. lol. :)

  5. Apples to Apples is so fun! I like Catchphrase, too!

  6. Looks like this was a fun nite. although I suck at games like these.