Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blog Love February

I wanted to do something special this month. Im being super creative and making it all about love. Valentine's Day love, my love story, loving yourself, things and blogs I love. Everyday in February I want to send some love to my favorite blogs/bloggers. It will be at the end of a regular blog post everyday! There are so many blogs and bloggers that inspire me and I think it will be fun to have the little shout outs on each post!

This month I decided to have a schedule to help my blogging:

Sundays: Sunday Social Link-up
Mondays: My Love Story
Tuesdays: Girly...Beauty/Fashion
Wednesdays: Recipes
Thursdays: Random...Whatever I want!
Fridays: Fitness
Saturdays: Entertainment (movies,tv,theme parks...)

To see my first post of the month and the first blog love click here!


  1. Such a cute idea... LOVE it! (Get it?! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!)

  2. good idea to have a theme. I need to do that. I always think my post are boring due to no comments.