Thursday, January 23, 2014

Getting Healthy

I have been running for a year and trying to eat better, but I want to take it to the next level and work really hard to be healthier, happier, and stronger!
I want to post health/fitness updates, tips, and anything else in that category every Friday.

I have been eating really clean. Trying to have 5 small meals a day and lots of water. I try to have a carb and protein with every meal as wells as veggies.

Update on my January Health and Fitness Goals:

_Follow a workout schedule.

The first week I sucked at following a schedule. Finally I wrote it down and that helped a lot. Im still behind with my running, but I have been focusing on strength training.

 Drink more water. 

I am doing really well at drinking more water. It helped to have water bottles ready for me and next to me at all times. I only drink water and green tea, but I haven't had soda (except for sips of my husbands drink or root beer floats very rarely) in like 2 or 3 years.

_Run 2.5 miles without walking break.
I am having difficulty with this and will continue to try for this and my ultimate goal for my next race to run a 5k with no walking breaks. I think that my eating, water in take, and strength training is helping the way I feel during my runs though. 

 Strength train once a week.

I try to do pushups, squats, planks, sit-ups every other day. Then I used my weights one to two times a week this month. I had to force myself to do this and still don't enjoy it completely.

 Eat less sweets. 

This was so hard and I did eat sweets, but way less than I could have. I got dark chocolate covered almonds and have a few when Im craving sweets. I have been eating better overall and am really happy about that. Eating clean is way harder than working out for me. Maybe one day a clean only diet will be my goal, but for now it's just eating better than I have. I am craving less of the unhealthy foods as the month goes on. It is getting easier and I am loving the way its making me feel.

Things that have helped me this month:
  • Writing down my goals and my workout schedule. 
  • Having water with me all the time.
  • No unhealthy foods at home. 
  • Give yourself a little treat sometimes (dark chocolate covered almonds).
  • Good music to workout to.
  • Cut up fruits and veggies so they are ready to eat when hungry for a quick snack. 
I am planning on starting the 100 in 100 next week and updating once a week. Have you heard of give it 100? I learned about it from Adri's Thoghts, people pick something to do everyday for 100 days. There is everything from juggling to exercising everyday. What would you do everyday for 100 days?


  1. i try to do a similar post on fridays...or I have been trying since I got really organized!!!

  2. I need to do all the above, especially the sweets thing, I am the cookie monster! lol

    thanks for linking up to Lovely Thursdays!. Hope to see you next week!


    1. Me too! Thank you for hosting the link up!