Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Follow Your Dreams

Sometimes people feel they are too old or it's too late, they missed their chance for... whatever.

I guess I have been thinking about this because I just got an acceptance letter from a university. I've been accepted as a transfer to other schools where we were suppose to be moving, but then didn't end up moving because of Jon's job. Then I just kind of put it off. I am 24 and am just transferring from a community college, when others do that when they are like 19. I was making myself feel bad about this. I am trying to change my attitude about it and about other things I want to achieve.

I remember a lady in one of my classes said she thought her kids would be embarrassed if they saw her at the college. I told her, that they should be proud of her and so should she. So many people think their lives are over once they have kids, but you can still be a great parent and work towards your own self. It probably takes a lot more work, but in the end it's worth it. You and the little ones will be proud of you.

Also, I think of people that are a bit older and even youngsters that want to start working out or living a healthy life style. Going to workout when you aren't in shape or over weight, you can feel embarrassed and that thinking can lead you to give up or never start. Really though anyone that is working out or at the gym is mostly paying attention to themselves. Also if they are thinking or saying something mean they are the insecure ones. Being healthy and getting fit is one of the most amazing feelings and everyone should be encouraging. If you just let go of that feeling and try it, you will see it's not that bad and most of the people are helpful and motivating.

Sometimes things don't workout in a "cookie cutter" way like we want them to, but that doesn't mean you can achieve your dreams and goals. It could be something small you've always wanted to do like take a dance class or something huge like a career change.

I am nervous and excited to begin going towards a goal of mine.

What is a dream or goal you would love to achieve? Have you ever felt this way?


  1. Good for you lady! I think when you are a little older you tend to take school work a little more seriously too. It's never too late! Yay! Fun stuff!

  2. A cookie doesn't have to be from a cookie cutter to taste delicious... still just as sweet tasting even if it's a blob. :)

  3. I think it's amazing that you are following your dreams!! :) And you should never feel bad for following you dreams, or for going back to school. It's never too late for school!! Good Luck hun!! !:) you rock!!1

  4. I'm excited for you! I really do think it's never too late to follow your educational dreams in particular. Are you going to go somewhere in Southern California?

    1. Yeah a state college. I actually applied to 2 and have to decide which one I want to go with soon! Thank you!