Friday, January 10, 2014

Blog Identity Crisis

I knew when I started blogging that I didn't want to be tied down to one topic or category of the blog world. I like too many things to label myself one thing. It is difficult though because I want my blog to flow and have some sort of common theme for my posts. Right now I don't really have a plan or structure. It's just post what I feel like when I feel like. I wanted this month to be laid back for me because I was feeling unmotivated because of December's vloging everyday.

I have been kind of disappointed in how my blog is, and I want to turn that around. I think starting next month I will have a theme each month to tie all my posts for that month together. I want my blog to be uplifting and positive but also truthful and down-to-earth... and maybe a little funny if I try.

Have you ever felt like you were having a problem like this with your blog? How did you over come it? Any advice?



  1. I thought I was following you for some reason. I'm following you now. When i started blogging over a year ago I only had 13 followers. You have to advertise and go to blog hops and follow others and ask them to follow you back and follow them on twitter and all social media's. I'm doing a blog hop and there's others going on. i'd love for you to come join and follow me as well.

  2. I've only been at this for a few months so I haven't run into this yet. But I do keep a notebook with me and whenever I get a blog idea I'll write it down. It works great on days when you can't think of a topic.