Monday, January 6, 2014

10 Favorite Things About the New Year

I love this link up by Endlessly Beloved!

My Ten Favorite Things About the New Year:

Celebrating the New Year is a favorite. I love New Year's Eve, even though I haven't gone out to celebrate it too many times. It's fun and exciting at home or out with a bunch of people.

A fresh start. Although I don't really have New Years resolutions (I always have goals), I love others outlook on a new year. I think it's nice to be able to forgive yourself of things you haven't accomplished and make a better plan to get it done in the new year.

Motivation. A new year brings motivation to me and others around me. My dad told me he wants to run a 5k with me this year. We picked a date and everything. Im super excited and proud.

My sisters birthday. She's turning 21 this year. Last year my brother turned 21. We were in Vegas for 4th of July and it was a blast. I can't wait for my sister's birthday. She's going to have so much fun.

A new calendar/agenda. Thats probably weird, but I love picking out office supplies and being organized and a shiny new one makes me happy.

Disneyland trips. We bought tickets in December that are good for 3 days. The whole end of December was blocked out, so Im looking forward to going again!

New races to try. I want to participate in many races this year that I didn't have the chance to last year. There are so many fun and amazing races here in Southern California!

My 2014 bucket list. I wrote down a few things that would be fun to try in the New Year, like a cooking class, and I am looking forward to doing them!

Britney Spears in Vegas. I love her. Hopefully when we are out there we can go to her show. Haha

Organizing/Decorating my apartment. I have been waiting until after the holidays to start decorating my apartment and I can't wait for it to look like home.

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  1. yes!! love it girl, this is such a good list. I have a good feeling about 2014! thanks for linking up!

  2. love your list!!! and no way Britney, I'm kinda jelly!! :) thats awesome!!
    I love everything on your list, 2014 sounds exciting!! :)
    hopping over from the link-up :)
    Adri @ Adri's Thoughts

  3. Thanks for stopping by! newest follower here :) My husband has never been to Disney... it will be one of our next couple of trips! But first... we're planning a family cruse for 2015!

  4. I want to see Britney in Vegas SO badly!!!!!!!!

  5. Good luck on your 5k. I (sort of) ran my first race last year.

  6. Office supplies? I can so relate!!!
    5k? Did my first last year...glad I did it. Good luck on yours!


  7. New Years Eve is such a fun celebration! A love the list, a clean slate and motivation are also on mine! I also love new calendars and agenda's! It a great way to start the year off organized and ready!

  8. I've actually never been to Disney in Florida but I'lll be there for my birthday! Well, more for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter :p

    Cheers to the new year! :)