Wednesday, December 24, 2014

DIY Christmas Reindeer Ornaments

Here is a fun easy DIY for Christmas!

Wood letters
Brown paint
Red pompoms
Googly eyes
Brown pipe cleaners
Ribbon to hang it up!

You can get really creative and make it colorful and fun!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy 21st Birthday Sister

Last weekend was my little sister's 21st Birthday! I got to spend a few days with her in Vegas! We had a blast.
Also I won a free one night stay (had to pay the tax/fee only $24) at the Monte Carlo by playing their MyVegas app on Facebook! It was awesome!
We were also there during Halloween... that was an experience. Haha!
Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Halloween is my favorite! I love doing creative makeup! Here are a few really quick ones I did this year. I put up videos on my Youtube channel showing the process too!

Cat/ Deer/ Animal
My Halloween Horror Night Inspired Clown

Freddy Krueger Slash

Happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Los Angeles 2014 race recap

This past Sunday I ran my third half marathon!
I felt the least prepared for this race, but it went awesome!
My husband and I went to the expo Friday to get or bib and t-shirt. Then he worked all day Saturday at his base and I got to hangout with my family. Saturday night we got a motel about a mile away from the race, next to MacArthur Park, Laid out all of our gear, and went to bed.
The best part about this race was that it starts at 7am. The other two 1/2s I've done were Disney and start waaayyy too early!
We got ready and dressed in our Batman & Robin shirts and left the hotel at 6:30, got to our corral, took a few pictures, and the race started. I loved the corrals for this race. They were smaller than Disney and there was a lot more room!
There were bands or music at almost every mile. I heard that some people didn't like it, but I did! Music pumps me up and helps me keep motivated. The bands were playing well known, up beat, fun songs!
I was nervous about my knee, because it's been hurting a bit. I wore a knee brace on and off the whole time and it felt great!
The first 3-4 miles I felt good, but tried not to go too fast. I was worried I was going to burn myself out, like I did at my last horrible 1/2.
Then from about mile 5-9 there was a couple dressed as Batman and Robin's enemies, The Joker and Harley Quinn. We kept running past them, then when we would take our walking break, then they would pass us. This went on for a long time. This little game really helped me keep my pace up! Thank you Joker and Harley Quinn!
You can kind of see the Joker & Harley Quinn in the background of this race picture!
At about mile 8 I took a caramel GU energy gel. (also at every water station I take a drink of water and if there is a sports drink a sip of that.)
Then at about mile 9 there is a pretty big bridge that I walked up (hills kill my knees!). There we saw the pace group for 3 hours. I have never been able to get my 1/2 time under 3. So we stuck with them.
There was a man and woman leading the group. Run/walk. They helped me so much at the end, with positive comments and pushing us to keep running.
I got right under 3 hours and beat my time!!!! The official time for the race was 2:59:45

My Nike app says 2:49:28 haha. My app was off like .8 miles whhaaa?!... Oh yeah and I beat my 10k time (according to Nike)!!!
It was the best race I've done! Because of the distractions it didn't even feel like 13.1 miles... I am grateful for that! I also love the people that bring food or drinks for runners and have signs. It's so nice!
I think Im going to do that for the next LA marathon!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Universal Halloween Horror Nights

Earlier this month I went to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights!
I am a huge fan of this event and follow it basically year round. Im a little crazy!
When we got to the front of Universal and waiting for the rest of our group, my brother's eyes got huge and he told me to turn around... I thought it was a scary guy, so I didn't turn around. Then a man walks past me and I see that it's the creative director of the event, John Murdy. He is well known with the fans of Halloween Horror Nights. He was stopped by others, so we decided to get a picture with him as well. It was a great start to the night!
We also decided to get front of the line passes! For two years we got VIP. I totally recommend at least getting front of the line! It is soooo worth it! And if you can afford it, splurge on VIP. There is a private lounge and buffet, as well as your own tram and guide.
The event was so much fun and really scary. I love horror and special FX makeup!
Picture with Norman Bates!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Disneyland Dapper Day

Friday was Dapper Day at Disneyland. If you haven't heard of Dapper Day it's where you dress to impress at Disneyland. Many people dress up in 20s-50 inspired outfits. We had so much fun attending this year. It actually just happened to be the day we were headed out there and we happened to hear about it right before we left.
I've been to Disneyland hundreds of times. It's always fun to switch it up and do something new there.
It's been ridiculously hot here so I was all for wearing a dress. We also attended their expo they had set up at the Grand Californian Hotel. There were some vintage clothing and accessories, as well as Dapper Day merchandise. I bought a fan which was so cute helped so much in the heat!
There were so many cute costumes. I loved the ones that dressed inspired by Disney characters. I definitely want to attend next time and go as a character.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Runner's Favorites

My favorites for running:

  • Brooks Pure Flow Running Shoes. I love how light and flexible these are.
  • The Stick. Jon bought this at a race expo and it was wonderful after our half marathon. It helps loosen up the muscles!
  • Nike shorts. These have just been my favorite. I love the cut and that they aren't too short.
  • My arm band and iPhone (for music and Nike Running app). A must for me!
  • New Balance ear phones. They stay on great and have a life time warranty.
  • ironman sunglasses. These were the least expensive and nicest looking sunglasses at Sports Authority. They have rubber on the inside so they don't slide around. 
  • Bandaid Friction Block. I know they have special anti-chafing sticks, but this is easier to find and works just as well. For thighs that rub together, if your shoe rubs a part of your foot,... I also put it under my sports bra band... chafing hurts like a mofo, but with this you will be good to go!
  • Arnicare. I have sore knees... Probably from dance when I was younger. This helps it so much!
  • Osteo Bio Flex. I also take one of these every so often to help with my knees and this stuff is amazing!!!
What are your running/workout favorites?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Half Marathon Training

I am so excited that I signed up for the Rock'n Roll Half in October! This week I started my training plan. I haven't been running very much or very far. I found a training plan online and changed it a little bit to fit my schedule and running ability. Right now I am running 4 times a week and going to the gym (elliptical and weights) once a week. I can't wait for my miles to pile up again! I also want to make or buy an easy costume to run in. I love running costumes and since it's the weekend before Halloween I think it will be so fun!

This week is my final week in my summer class and it has been taking up a lot of my time. I have also been traveling a lot for my husbands job, but yay that's over! Now I will have more time to workout then I have been.
Super Moon from my night run on Sunday!

This weeks workouts:
Monday: 30 minutes on the Elliptical and weights.
Tuesday: Ran 2 miles
Wednesday: Pushups, sit-ups, planks, and squats
Thursday: Pushups, sit-ups, planks, and squats
Friday: 30 Minute walk
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: 2 mile run

Every Sunday I am going to bump my run up a mile!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

School Supplies & Clothing Haul

I went to Kohl's this week with my sister for herself, but of course I had to get something too. I saw these really cute pants that I actually thought were maxi skirts. I decided to get them anyways and a white tank top to go with it.
Then I realized I had no shoes to go with it, so I headed to Target for one thing (sandals) and came out with the whole store!
I found some super cute sandals for $16.99. I then headed over to the school supplies just to look and the rest is history.
(I have been really busy with school and it has been easier and a bit fun to film videos. I hope you don't mind that most of this month a post might include a video.)
Here's my video if you'd like to see the rest of the stuff I got!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Outfit of the Day

I love outfit of the days/ideas. This month has been crazy busy and I thought showing a cute outfit a week would be something simple, easy, and fun!
I love wearing maxi skirts when it's hot. They are so comfy and really nice!
Sunglasses & Sandals:Target, Tank:Forever 21, Skirt:Love Culture, Purse: Michael Kors. 
Today I went shopping... maybe I will film a haul video! I also filmed a TMI tag that I was tagged to do by Courtney Gypsy & the City. I need to edit it!
It's weird that videos are easier than blog post... in my opinion.
Hope you're having a great week!

Friday, July 25, 2014

What a Week!

These past few weeks have been super draining, but my husband and I are trying to stay positive.
This week I have been back in forth to Pep Boys because a mechanic admittedly broke a part over two months ago. It has been such a fiasco and a really long story. I think my car is finally fixed!
I thought the sign "Hassle-Free" was funny. Poor hubby. 

We went to the LA Galaxy versus Manchester United at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. It was so much fun! The stadium was packed with excited and really nice people. The most shocking thing to me is when people are nice in where in the Los Angeles area. Im pretty sure no one was from here. haha.
Pasadena is a lovely city!

When we got home that night we saw that my bike was stolen from the parking garage. I had it locked up and I take the seat off of it to prevent theft. Grrr. Just saying... there was a bike right next to mine with a seat... rude!
 How was your week? Hope you have a great weekend!