Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Random Winter Favorites

A few random, silly things that I love during the winter/ holiday months. 

I saw this sweater online at Forever 21 and I knew I had to have it. Do you ever see things and need it because it's so different or ugly. That's how I think lol. It's actually cute, really warm and soft! Boo. They said they no longer have it but here is a link to a similar one in pink.

I got these boots at Target when I was headed to Minnesota/Wisconsin. They are surprisingly thick. I love them for California winter. I don't know about rain or snow. lol.

I love cute things like this Mini Santa hat and light up Christmas light necklace from Michaels. It's really the only time you can go around with stuff like this, unless you live in Vegas or New Orleans. lol. 

This is the best winter candle! I can't have a real tree in here and I miss the smell of a real tree. Last year I had the room spray that only lasts a few minutes. This candle fills the room without even being lit. 

During the winter is the only time my skin gets dry. Not really wintery, but I love this scent. 

I love peppermint. This ice-cream is the best peppermint ice-cream I have tried. I can get it all year long at my local Ralph's. Thanks Ralph's for keeping me fluffy. haha.

Also the peppermint mocha frappuccinos are amazing!

What are your little favorites that make you happy through out the winter? Anything Im missing out on?

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