Friday, December 20, 2013

My Running Story

Well I started running about a year and a half ago. I use to dance in high school and even took classes in college just to be doing something.

When I got married and moved I didn't workout at all. I felt a difference in my body that I hated.

We moved to an amazing location where I could see people running and riding their bikes everyday.

My husband runs a couple miles every once in a while because he has to for the military. One day I decided to go running with him. I didn't have any workout clothes so I went in his basketball shorts and big Air Force t-shirt! I probably ran one minute and wanted to die.

Soon after that I got a bike. I would go with Jon when he would run. I would have him ride my bike until I couldn't run anymore then, I would get to cruise on the bike the rest of the way. This really helped me a lot. I could push myself but had the bike there to carry me home if I needed.

I continued to run and started to actually like it.
I saw that Disney did races and there was a half marathon in January 2013 at Disneyland. It was August 2012. I couldn't believe that the race was already sold out! Well, my awesome husband found a company affiliated with Disney that had tickets and surprised me with them!

In September I was getting better and loved running more than ever. Just as I was about to beat my mile time for the first time, I tripped over a rock really hard. It felt like I was tackled by a football player. (I did get up and finish the mile though. Covered in dirt. Then I made sure no bones were popping out.). I messed up my knee and couldn't run for about a few months. I was so disappointed because I was just getting over the out of shape feeling of running. I knew I would have to go through it again and that sucked!

Least gruesome picture of my leg. Not showing the worst part, my knee. Lol

Well, finally my knee healed and I trained for the half. The Tinkerbell Half Marathon was an amazing first race. I love Disneyland and getting to run through it was so much much fun! I would recommend it to everyone!

I continued to run and so did my husband. He actually doesn't like running as much as me, but he loved the Tinkerbell Half. He signed us up for our second race. The Disneyland Half Marathon (that I didn't enjoy as much... for many personal reasons). That race taught me many things that maybe I will write about soon!

After the Disneyland Half I took a month off and it was really tough to get back into it. I am doing shorter distanced right now 3-5 miles, but I hope to get back up to doing half's and maybe even a full one day!

I love running because of how I am in charge. I control how far I push myself, how far I go, or how long. The feeling I get while running and after accomplishing a time or distance goal is the best feeling ever.

Running has changed my diet and body as well. I have lost weight, which is awesome, but the way my body feels because of the changes I have made are even better.

If you write about your running, fitness, or any other story let me know! I would love to read it!

Im still looking for a fitness link-up, so if you know of a good one please let me know!
December Goal: Run 31 miles.
December miles so far: 13.

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  1. Hey Girl, I just found your blog and am your newest follower. I loved your running post. I really want to start running. I've never been a runner and have a lot of weight to lose. You've inspired me to step outside :)

    Stop on by when you have time.

    1. Awe! Thank you so much! Running is hard to get into, but if you start off slow you will do great!

  2. I wish I loved running. I've tried and failed several times. I've never been athletic to be honest with you though. I know that people say if you stick with it you'll come to love it, I've just never been able to stick with it long enough to get to that point! :/

    1. Yeah. It is hard to stick with it long enough to begin to actually like it.

  3. so cool! it's great that you enjoy it. i hate it. every minute of it. i do it anyway to challenge myself though b/c i figure anything that sucks that bad must be good for me in the long run haha

    1. haha yeah it is good for you and does suck sometimes!