Thursday, December 5, 2013

LA Favorite: Universal Studios

I thought it would be fun to share my favorites in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. This weeks pick is kind of lame because it's one that everyone knows about, but I thought I would share the pros and cons of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Im going to start with the Cons first: 
  • During the holidays it gets so crowded, because it's so small there are a lot of people standing around in walk ways.
  • They only have one or two ticket booths for parking open (traffic jam... people were getting into fights) and a million traffic control people in random spots where there were not many cars. So crazy.
  • Because there are only around 5 rides, the line wait times can become ridiculously long. 
  • Im so use to Disney... some of the workers here are rude and it wasn't a big deal but I was really surprised to see them on texting and complaining about work. lol. 
The worst thing was the parking situation. I can't believe how they were handling it. They needed way more people up where the cars pay for parking or someone to direct the cars because there are like 10 lines and it bottle necked into 2. There were enough parking employees there to help, but many were just standing around in and near the parking garage. It was horrible. 

  • Small park. Easy to navigate.
  • About 5 rides and a few attractions, you could most likely do everything in one day.
  • Fun city walk with shops, restaurants, and movie theater.
  • In the summer and holiday season there is free entertainment in City Walk (parking is not free).
  • Buy a day, get 2013 free. A pass for a year here is less than than one day at Disneyland. 
  • They are improving with management and construction (with the exception of traffic/parking control)
  • Most stores and restaurants (even in City Walk) give discounts to pass holders.
I was most surprised when I was on the tram ride and the King Kong attraction wasn't working. When we got back to the loading area a manager gave everyone on the tram a front of the line to the tram ticket and one for another ride! I was impressed with that. 

Last weekend was actually the worst experience I have had there, but usually it is great. I would just recommend being prepared for the crowds and you should be fine.... unless you really hate crowds... Then Grinchmas will turn you into the Grinch, like it did to me. Haha

Hope this was helpful or fun to read. What's your favorite thing about Universal?


  1. i LOVE universal. it's one of my favorite places in LA. i didn't renew my season pass though and haven't been in forever :( it's right down the street from me so when i had a pass, i would go all.the.time. like get home from work and be like "i feel like riding the mummy" and just go over and ride it and go home haha. love that place!

    1. That's so fun! I would do that when I had a Disneyland pass, now we're starting to do that at Universal. I live like 20 min from Universal!

  2. It'd be nice to go visit, it's definitely on my list! Parking always seems no fun when you go to a place like that.

    1. Usually the parking is easy but I think since it was the start to the holidays they were overwhelmed. I love visiting Universal. I think kids would love grinchmas. They have craft making for the little ones and story time.

  3. I've never been to CA! I've gone to Universal Orlando though and I looooooove it!

    1. Thats awesome! I've never been to the Orlando one. It's huge compared to LA!