Thursday, December 12, 2013

LA Favorite: Cup Cake ATM!

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

This is probably the worst thing and the best thing ever.

It allows me to get cupcakes when ever I want because it's open 24/7. All of the times I have been here it has been in the middle of the night. Shh!

One thing I can say is Im not the only one, because there's always a line.

The only thing bad about going in the middle of the night is they could be out of your favorite flavor... or all of the flavors (I've heard), but that's never happened when I went! 

My favorite flavor here is strawberry and usually strawberry wouldn't be my first pick. 

It is only a few blocks from Rodeo Drive, so if your in Los Angeles to do a little sight seeing that's a fun place to people watch and spend some money if you have it!

This is the coolest thing and Im not sure anywhere else but Los Angeles has a cupcake ATM!


  1. Stop it. Is this real life?!?! I'm packing my bags and moving to LA!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wish Iived in LA!
    seems like theres so much to do,

    check out my blog xx