Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wisconsin & Minnesota Trip Recap

(Wed. 11/13) We got to the airport a bit early and I was excited to try out Lemonade, it was really good. We also saw the Hollywood sign from the plane.We got picked up by our hotel shuttle. He stopped on the way back to the hotel to pick up some others at the Mall of America. I was so excited to finally be at the mall (even though we didn't go in.) That night we just got settled in. And one thing I thought was cool that you don't see in California much is an indoor pool at a hotel!

(Thurs. 11/14) The next day was our first day at the mall. I loved that our hotel was within walking distance. We stayed at the Best Western. The mall is Huge! But it was really awesome... no one was there. I was expecting it to be packed. No lines or crowds anywhere, even to get on the rides. We walked the entire mall that day (or so we though!). I bought a few Christmas gifts and a couple things for myself.

(Fri. 11/15) This was our last day in Minnesota, so we had to get everything done that we wanted. We also found a whole section of the mall we missed. Haha. There were a bit more people here on this day! We went on a few rides. TIP: If your going to be at the Mall of America shopping all day, there are lockers for rent in different sizes. I bought a few more things and got a VIB card from Sephora. We also went to the aquarium they have in the mall.

(Sat. 11/16) We woke up super early for our train ride to Milwaukee, WI. The first thing was a man was being paged over the intercom over and over to meet his son. Once the train departed someone came on the intercom saying, "for the concerned riders wondering if the man ever found his son, he did, thank you." I though that was so cute! People in LA wouldn't ask or care at all... The train ride was so long. I think it took 7-8 hours to get there. It was fun though because we got a roomette with bunk beds. Once we got to Milwaukee we got a rental car and drove 2 hours to Green Bay.

(Sun. 11/17) My husband is the biggest Packer fan ever, so most of the time in Green Bay was spent at Lambeau Field. We watched the game at the stadium at Curly's Pub. It was different being able to just walk into the atrium of the stadium. I don't think you can do that anywhere else. I also was surprised and impressed with how clean the stadium is.

(Mon. 11/18) This day we took a tour of Labeau Field. We were the only ones on the tour. It was interesting learning the history of Green Bay and the Packers. It's really neat to see how proud they are of their history and where they live. My husband was in heaven the entire time.

(Tue. 11/19) This was our departure day. We spent a little bit of time looking at houses and checked out the old stadium that is now a high school. We had the longest travel day ever... I think it took us 11 hours to get home.

I loved the parts of the Midwest that I got to visit. The people were so nice and everything looked clean. I would love to go back when it isn't raining or freezing to do some outdoorsy stuff!

Hope you enjoyed my recap of my WI/MN trip!

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