Saturday, November 23, 2013

Warming Up to Social Media

I have learned Im not that great at social media stuff. Before I started my blog a few months ago I only had an Instagram and Pinterest. I am a really private person and with a lifestyle blog I am learning to go a bit outside my comfort zone. 

With things like Twitter where people post what they got from Starbucks or what they are thinking about anything and everything... Im over here like, "Do people really care about where I'm shopping or my food?" I guess some do care. There are people that tweet all day everyday. And my most liked Instagram picture is of things I bought at Sephora. 

I think that social media sites like Twitter and Instagram are really cool to get to know other bloggers and also to promote yourself and others. 

I feel like an "old person" not with the times when I admit to not really being into the whole social media thing. haha. But, my favorite right now is Instagram. I am starting to warm up to Twitter as well. Maybe someday I will make a Facebook too. 

What is your favorite social media site? 

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  1. I think social media sites are a GREAT way to get your posts out there and connect with other bloggers. Twitter is really good for connecting, but I LOVE Pinterest for promoting my posts. If I pin one of my posts to Pinterest, and I check my analytics, I immediately get like 8 people viewing my blog from it!

    1. That's true. Thanks for the tip. Using Pinterest for my blog is also something I just started doing!