Monday, November 11, 2013

Surprises and Shopping

This week Jon surprised me with an upcoming vacation to the MidWest. I pretty sure it freezing over there, especially compared to LA.

We went hiking at Griffith Park. Im going to be writing a blog post more about hiking in Los Angeles on Friday! I love it there. The view is amazing and you can get great shots of the Hollywood sign!

After the hike we decided to visit the Americana and the Glendale Galleria because the traffic was horrible and we needed a few things for our trip. The American is awesome and really beautiful especially during the holidays with the decorations and lights!(and thats the only picture I got of it oops) (P.S. park in the mall parking across the street for free!)

We also went to Universal Studios this weekend. We had Disneyland annual passes for the past three years and decided to change it up this year with Universal Passes, so we try to go every once in a while. My father in law goes to Universal with his wife ever weekend. We met up with them for lunch. 
This is a spot you pass on the backlot of the studio tour. It's one of my favorites. It reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. lol. 

Then for dinner we had sushi at Wasabi in Universal City Walk. I love the sushi there.  Totally recommend it!

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  1. Love your pictures from hiking! They are so pretty. Sounds like a great weekend!