Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sigma Premium Brush Kit

I have heard about Sigma bushes for a long time, but never wanted to purchase them without seeing them first. I was able to go to their store in the Mall of America recently and can say they are really great quality and super soft.
Honestly nobody really "needs" all of these brushes to do their make up, but it is nice to have. 
I chose this kit because I didn't have anything like any of the brushes, except for the E25. Its a lot like my favorite eyeshadow brush from MAC Cosmetics (217). 

The brushes come in a nice zip up case. Here is an overview of the brushes and case:

The box it comes in and the case out of the box. 
 F= for face E=for eyes L=for lips
Instead of making this super long and going over all the brushes, I thought I would share my favorites. I picked five that I could do an entire look with. I love that the brushes are so versatile.
My favorites are the:

  • F20 Large Powder brush. I use my powder foundation with this brush. It's great for loose powder products.
  • F15 Duo Fiber Powder/Blush brush. This brush is great for so much. I totally could use two. I think its great for liquid foundation, as well as powder blush and bronzer. 
  • F35 Tapered Highlighter brush. since if I used the F15 for liquid I would use this for my blush and bronzer. 
  • E25 Blending brush. This is my favorite eyeshadow brush. It can be used for all over eye color, crease, and blending. It's amazing!
  • E20 Short Shader brush. This brush is nice for packing color on the lid and smoking out/ smudging eyeliner. 
(I put concealer on with my fingers. I think it looks best when I do it that way, so thats why I didn't pick a brush for that.)

A few of the brushes did shed when I first got them and washed them, but after the first wash they haven't again. I would totally recommend Sigma brushes.

Do you have a favorite makeup brush brand? Do you use a billion brushes for makeup, a few, or none? I would love to know!

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