Friday, November 8, 2013

Packing For a Half Marathon

I ran my second half marathon in September, so I'm not the most experienced, but thought this would be helpful to some. 

That week my knee was giving me trouble so I brought Icy Hot, Arnicare, and a McDavid knee brace.

It was really hot the day of the run so I had Coppertone Sport sunscreen. If you have sensitive skin this might irritate it. It kind of smells like bug repellent spray.

For during the race I brought my arm band and head phones. Im one of the people that likes to listen to music while they run. It pumps me up and keeps me going.

I also like to chew gum when Im running. It also keeps me going. Is that weird? lol

I put on the friction block by BandAid, that worked amazingly.

I put a bandaid and tissues in my arm band. Just incase. 

I also put a little bag of Jelly Belly's in my arm band, I got a sample at the expo. I did eat them, but I don't think they did anything for me. It was a rough race for me.
I love the Stick for after running. This works so well. My husband bought this at the expo and its the best thing we bought there.

Many of these things are for my wants and needs. Think about what helps you or what you could need during your race. Everyone is different but I hope this gave you some ideas!

My Disneyland Half Marathon Recap

Here is my packing list of Half Marathon items I brought:

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