Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Sami's Shenanigans

Every year that I've known my husband we've gone to Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood. Last year we got VIP tickets for the first time and decided thats the only way to do HHN. This year my brother, brother in law and dad joined us.

I got the two little bowls from target for $1 & $3. I made the popcorn bags with items from Michaels!

Mummy mini dogs, zombie brownies, Cactus cooler with a printout I made, and a zombie wall poster from Spirit.

Before we headed to the park everyone met up at our apartment. Because Im a girl and like being festive I made a little halloween snack bar for us and the guys played zombie Call of Duty (IDK?).

VIP is different than the regular pass in that you get valet parking, a VIP lounge with food, desert, drinks, and is the only place that serves alcohol in the park, as well as a VIP tour and unlimited front of the line for everything. We literally walked on to all of the mazes (except for a tiny wait at The Walking Dead maze... I think the regular wait was over an hour... so waiting only two minutes is awesome and totally worth it.)
"The Purge" Entrance
Tons of Purge guys ready to get us. Ah. 

Let the fun begin!

Entrance to the VIP lounge
Bar area in the VIP lounge

Horrible picture of the beautiful view in the VIP area.

VIP tram...

I love Universal's Halloween event the best out of others I have been to because many of the mazes are based off of movies or television shows. They do an amazing job recreating scenes from the movies that make you feel like you're really there. Also there is a terror tram that takes you to the back lot where the Psycho motel/ house and War of the World plane crash site is and you get to walk around. If you do the VIP tour you walk around a bit more where others don't have access too which is really fun as well. 

I did really bad at taking photos. I think I have them from the first hour, then I totally forgot. My brother has some good footage from the event. I think I will try to help him make a video this weekend and post it on here and youtube. I also was thinking of writing a full review of the event as well. 

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