Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

Sami's Shenanigans

Jon and I weren't planning on staying in our apartment for as long as we have, so I never put much thought into the decor. Now that we have decided to continue our lease I want to decorate my apartment and really make it home. So this weekend we headed to Ikea. I was looking for an "entry way" table (that I didn't find), but I found a book shelf for $25! I can't wait to put it together and decorate!
ikea $25 bookcase

While we were out we also stopped by Chevy's to eat. We shared the fajita burrito. It was really good. I love their salsa!
Since the movies were near by we also went to see Bad Grandpa. If you like the Jackass movies, I think you will like it. It was funny. I also learned I only like blue ICEEs. Weird.

Coming up on Gina's Agenda this week: Wednesday I am making pumpkin cupcakes and Friday I'm trying a new sport, tennis!


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