Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wedding Anniversary

Two years ago today I married my love. I am not a mush gushy girl at all... I don't know if thats a good or bad thing, but I do love to look back at memories.

One thing I love that we did during our wedding was a wine box "ceremony." This is kind of like the colored sand or candle lighting part of a ceremony. We got married at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, so we couldn't add that into our ceremony or it would cost us more money.
What I did was have my dad bring the box up during our reception and tell everyone that we had written letters to each other to open on our 5 year anniversary with a bottle of wine. I loved that our wedding was really laid back and intimate. Anyways we got our wine box from Jo Annes and my dad stained the wood for us. We wrote letters and put them in the box during the reception. When we got home from our wedding and honeymoon we were able to put all of the things we want to keep and remember in the box as well. Also at the reception we had our family and friends write well wishes and put it in the box. I can't wait for our 5 year so we can look at it all.

Our box sits by our fire place now.

Inside the wine box.

Every 5 years I think we are going to put another letter and wine. Also it is there for any time your relationship isn't going well. If you need to take a second and read why you love that person and have a glass of wine and a talk with each other. I thought this was really special and I love that we have it.

More on the wine box.

Another thing was our wedding cards. I have just kept them in a box, but on Pinterest I saw a wedding card book that I have started to recreated for us. It is such a great idea I had to share it!

Work in progress. Wedding card book.
In my first two years of marriage I have had so much learning and growing. We have had ups and downs and really have learned how to be a "married couple." It has been amazing and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

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