Friday, September 6, 2013

Disneyland Half Marathon 2013

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I guess I will start off with the expo. I got there on Saturday and 2pm, so all of the other races besides the half was over. There was no line to get my bib or t-shirt/bag, but the expo was insanely crowded. My husband and I already knew that we wanted to purchase a sports hook for our medals. We went straight to that booth and had to order the hook we wanted because it was sold out, no biggie. I wasn't in the mood to look around, so we left pretty quickly after that. I do have to say that there was literally nothing left of the official merchandise, so if you want official merchandise come early! Also the official race shirt were mens sizes and there were no more of my size to exchange. I think a lot of people had that problem though. Also the bibs have an electronic timer strip on the back of them that when placed by a magnet can stop working. There was a little mermaid magnet in the bag they gave us with our shirt. Funny.
Down to pick up our bibs.
Bib Pick Up
What was in the bag from the expo
Well the race went way different then I was hoping... First of all I guess I should mention that my knee started to hurt a week or two before the race. Not hurting but feeling weird. I think I pulled something. But when I used a knee brace it was fine.

Also I started feeling like I was getting a cold or allergies on Friday. My breathing was so bad I couldn't sleep, and I already have insomnia so it was horrible. I took allergy medication and emergen-c. It helped a little, but not much.

On Saturday night I got less than two hours of sleep (before the race). Another big mistake was that I didn't eat before the half marathon. As well as being just straight up grumpy. I don't want to sound so negative because even though so much went wrong and during it I wasn't happy, after I was and thought "that was so much fun!" What a weirdo...
All ready to go!
We got to our corral at 5am. It was already full, but there was a little side opening we were able to get into. I was in corral F and I didn't cross the starting line until around 6:15am. The first couple miles were great and I loved running through Disney.

I was doing fine until mile 7 or 8. It was getting really warm out. I was drinking water and power aid at every station and pouring water on my head. I felt like if I ran anymore that I would fall over. I decided to just be happy with finishing.

At around mile 9 was the Angles stadium. This was my favorite part. It made me forget about the pain I was in and to relax a little. I walked most the last half. It took forever to finish and I think most of the people around me were feeling just like I was because no one was running. I think only a couple people passes us in the last 4 miles. I also so a runner laying down on the ground with medics around him. It's really scary to see I hope he's ok. I finally got to the finish line and got my metal. They also gave out wet towels, water, Power Aid, bananas, and a box of snacks.
I was disappointed in my "run", but I am so glad I got to experience what not to do and learn what I need to improve on. I am thankful for my husband that stayed by my side and encouraged me to keep going. BTW it was his birthday and I loved that he wore his birthday pin. So many people said Happy Birthday. It was really sweet. After we went to the Cheese Cake Factory at Garden Walk.
I am happy we did another Disney run (we also did the Tinker Bell 1/2), but I think thats it for us. They are so expensive! Except if I can one day afford to go to Florida and do the Epcot Wine and Dine, that sounds awesome!

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