Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My First Blog Post!

I decided to make a blog documenting my life, fitness goals and crafting.

A little bit about my life:
          I am a military house wife. My husband is in the reserves, but on orders. We have recently decided to stay in our current apartment in Los Angeles, CA. I am excited to organize and decorate it to make it our own, and get to show you along the way. I am trying to get better at cooking and will share my journey of that as well.

          Jon and I love to explore and travel. We are rarely just sitting at home. Sharing our little and sometimes big adventure is going to be fun!
Our Trip to San Francisco 
          I started running about a year ago and will be completing my second half marathon this weekend. I have fallen in love with running, except for my knees. I would like to run a full marathon within the next year if my knees are feeling it. I want to get into better shape and do more than just run. I think documenting my journey to my first marathon will be amazing.
After we ran the Tinker Bell 1/2 Marathon.

          I have been inspired by the many crafty/DIY blogs. I love crafts and being creative. I hope to make new things every month and maybe even inspire or help others along the way.

On Mondays I will write my goals out for the week and the other two days I will see how far I have gotten on my daily life, fitness, and craft agenda!